My beautiful niece Gracie was recently diagnosed with Neuroblastoma (cancer). It is still early in the diagnosis and we are awaiting results to know more about the fight that Gracie will face. I've created this blog as an outlet for friends and family to stay informed about her journey and a way for friends and family to make anonymous contributions towards her care and the mounting expenses her family will face. Gracie is a fighter and the bravest 3 year old I know. Hundreds of people love you Gracie and are praying for you. "Be strong and of good courage for the Lord thy God is with thee" Joshua 1:9

Monday, April 11, 2011


We woke up at 6 and headed to ft worth for clinic. We arrived at 11:20 for our 11:45 appt. Her counts were ok and we were out of there at 1:30. not too bad. Brandon made it over after work around 12:30 so we went to lunch together. We also saw Briley there and she was getting chemo. she had about 15 minutes left when we got there, but Gracie was a bit on the grumpy side so they didnt play. Briley gave Gracie a pink and black tutu and they let me take their picture. adorable sweeties. we made it home around 7 and then the home health nurse came by at 8:30 to show me how to mix the TPN and hook it up. She will start it tonight, 12 hours every night. they will check her labs here in town on Thursday to see what needs to be adjusted, if anything, and order 4 days at a time. hopefully in the next few weeks, she can get a little ahead on her nutrition. we are so excited for 3 weeks at home. :) tonight also starting 2 weeks of accutane. blah

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  1. is amazing how far she has came. I know there are still tough days, but it is awesome to read that there seem to be more good days then bad.