My beautiful niece Gracie was recently diagnosed with Neuroblastoma (cancer). It is still early in the diagnosis and we are awaiting results to know more about the fight that Gracie will face. I've created this blog as an outlet for friends and family to stay informed about her journey and a way for friends and family to make anonymous contributions towards her care and the mounting expenses her family will face. Gracie is a fighter and the bravest 3 year old I know. Hundreds of people love you Gracie and are praying for you. "Be strong and of good courage for the Lord thy God is with thee" Joshua 1:9

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Getting better

All of the blood cultures and urine culture came back positive for gram negative rods, the next day the narrowed it down to lactose-fermenting gram negative rods, and finally today have itclassified as enterobacter cloacae. It is a bacteria that is found a lot in people with compromised immune systems. They are thinking hers spread from her bladder or kidneys since she has a positive urine culture and has been having issues with her kidney(s).
The good news is that the culture from yesterday is negative so the antibiotics are working. They added an additional antibiotic for better coverage and are alternating them between her three lines to make sure and cover it all. She will be on antibiotics for 12 more days.
Today she had her planning CT for radiation therapy and they drew little marks on her with permanent marker. She gave them a funny look and they said " oh these are special markers! You should never draw on yourself, right?" lol she held really still and dud great, they let her choose two prizes from the treasure chest. :) she chose a paint set and a fuzzy poster with markers. (of course:))
also today she had an ultrasound of her kidney and bladder. And also an echocardigram.
It has been a long day without a nap and she hasbeen emotional off and on and also in a lot of pain from her tummy. She is ready for bed at 630! I am too!
They will start radiation therapy next Wednesday.
medical jargon on enterobacter cloacae

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